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Ever since man first began "cooking", the build-up of fats and oils on cooking equipment and utensils has been a problem. With the continued use of the cooking equipment without thorough cleaning between use, the "fat build-up" soon turned into....

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Who We Are

Spectank PTY Ltd, established in 1991, is a specialist hygiene chemical company based in South Africa. It is part of the Spectank Group which has extensive experience in providing cleaning solutions which cover health, hygiene, laundry, floor care, kitchen, toilet and workshop cleaning and maintenance. 

Spectank PTY Ltd has a full range of quality cleaning systems and materials, and its products are manufactured under South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) ISO 9002 Controls. This means that the products are consistently of the high standard that SABS insists upon. A SABS rating takes up to two years to achieve and therefore only reputable suppliers are SABS compliant.
All disinfectants supplied to the food industry are registered with the relevant Government registration number as per South African Government Gazette No. 19999 and all Spectank products supplied are rated to and compliant with SABS 1828 and 1853 standards. Spectank products are all HACCP compliant and have complete MSDS (Material safety data sheets) often required for HACCP and Environmental purposes.
We will strive to supply chemicals that are eco- friendly, not harmful to the consumer or the environment in which they are used.


Spectank PTY Ltd has a broad network of Franchisees spread throughout South Africa servicing every major city countrywide. Spectank PTY Ltd is also master license holder to the unique Spectank® system in Australia, Canada, Germany, Israel, Spain, USA and UK.
Kenya is the latest licensed territory operating as Kleen Kleeners Ltd. The Kenya master license holders are (Owner/Directors) Vincent Kibare, Nomava Kibare and Sophie Kibare-Chege.

We have already marketed the flagship Spectank® Cleaning system and have secured service contracts with the following, whilst awaiting local purchase orders from other blue chip institutions:

  •  The Tamarind Group, Carnivore Restaurant
  •  Sarova Hotels , 7 outlets
  •  Nairobi Airport Services Ltd (NAS)
  •  Kenafric Bakery Ltd
  •  Fairmont The Norfolk
  •  Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club
  •  Ennsvalley Bakery Ltd
  •  San Valencia Ltd
  •  Tribe Hotel
  •  Ocean Basket
  •  Hoggers Ltd
  •  Alicia Bakers and Confectioners
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