Why choose Spectank?

Ever since man first began "cooking", the build-up of fats and oils on cooking equipment and utensils has been a problem. With the continued use of the cooking equipment without thorough cleaning between use, the "fat build-up" soon turned into....

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Spectank System

In March 1991, Spectank (Pty) Ltd developed a cleaning system used to remove black carbon build up from kitchen and baking equipment. Martin Glauber, a South African is the inventor of the system, and has through the years spoken to several parties with the intention of launching the product worldwide.

The Spectank® system, including the tank and the chemical Carbsolve®, has been marketed in the USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Israel, UAE, England and South Africa.

There are in excess of 15,000 units in operation, and the system has been used by leading hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals and many other hot kitchens. The ingredients of the chemical powder are non-hazardous. The trade names, Spectank® and Carbsolve® are registered in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa.


Mini tank 


 Econo Tank


 Super Econo-Tank - Front view

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