Why choose Spectank?

Ever since man first began "cooking", the build-up of fats and oils on cooking equipment and utensils has been a problem. With the continued use of the cooking equipment without thorough cleaning between use, the "fat build-up" soon turned into....

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the Spectank® breaks down?

Contact the Franchisee for your area and they will attend to the problem as soon as possible.

Will Carbsolve® damage Teflon or silicone coatings?

Items left in the Spectank® longer than 24 hours and cleaned too often will over time lose their coating. Items already damaged placed in the Spectank® will cause the chemical to “lift” coatings away from the metal surface.

How often should items be cleaned in the Spectank®?

Certain items such as extraction filters, gas grills, roasting tins, pots and pans should be done nightly. Other items such as oven racks, frying baskets, gas rings and drain covers should be done weekly. The Spectank® system should be in constant use.

What other approvals does Carbsolve® have?

Carbsolve® has been registered and approved by the Beth Din.
Carbsolve® is registered as a Proudly South African chemical.
Carbsolve® is approved by the SABS as a food safe chemical and has a SABS 1828 certification

Is the solution safe to dispose of in the drain?

Yes, there are no harmful chemicals only broken down organic material.

Will the solution kill bacteria?

As the Spectank® system runs at over 75°c all harmful bacteria will die in the Carbsolve® solution, so all items removed from the Spectank® will be sanitised.

How long must items remain in the Spectank®?

This depends on the item but generally between 20 minutes and 24 hours, items should not be left in the tank longer than 24 hours, they must be removed thoroughly washed and rinsed and put back in the Spectank® if required.

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